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Environmental problems

Production of briquettes can reduce the amount of garbage in 3 times. Ship-plant for producing briquettes can process garbage in especially polluted areas of the ocean and the beach.

Briquettes - it’s the raw material for production of liquid fuels, gas and electricity

  • Briquette - odorless, non-toxic, not harmful to the environment, can be stored for a long time.

  • 1 ton of briquettes - this is equivalent to 500 of natural gas

Briquette density - 1.2 T. cubic meters
    1 t. briquettes – 5 МWT. Heat energy / hour
- with additional equipment
    3.5 MWT Chill / hour
    1 t. briquettes – 1 МWT. Electricity / hour
   1 t. briquettes – 300 L. Synthetic fuel

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