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Who we are

CLEANPEACE created to:

- To draw public attention to problems of cleaning Earth from garbage and problem of the cleanse
the water;

- Monitoring and control the situation with the decision of problematic issues related to disposal
and recycling of solid waste and pollution of fresh water;

- To conduct scientific research and find the most effective technologies for waste recycling and
water purification.

- Make it possible for environmental scientists from different countries to present their innovative
environmental technologies;

- All who care about the issue of clearing the Earth from waste might be able to practically influence
the decision of this problem.

CLEANPEACE - is a platform for all people on Earth are not indifferent to environmental issues.
Here, any person, any organization, any society, any country can obtain information on the most
advanced technologies and achievements.

Submit their projects and technologies for consideration by the council of experts and receive
funding to implement them in life. Here, any person, any organization, any society, any country can
help raising funds for the implementation of various projects to achieve our common vital task.

If in the near future we will not try to solve these problems, it may be that soon, humanity will
move the point of no return after which no one, ever, and not for any money will not be able to
swim in the clean river, to breathe fresh air, drink clean water.

Let's make our Earth clean!

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