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Technology 1

We present the technology for processing of solid waste is a gasifier, which converts municipal solid waste into syngas.

The scheme of the gasifier:

The produced  synthesis - gas has high calorific value (from 3000 to 5000 kcal / m ³)
To date completed construction of a first plant capacity of 440 tons of MSW per day gasification and power generation in the amount of 15.8 MW.
Gasifier which are used at this plant, and more capacity gasifiers can be successfully used in thermal power plants, which significantly lowers the cost of producing electricity, as well as solve the question of disposal of solid waste without the use of separate waste collection method.

MSW Gasifier which is working at our plant has the unique power and performance and has no analogues.

- Gasifier can also be applied to the existing thermal power plants, as an additional module production of synthesis gas, which greatly reduces the cost of the project. It is also possible to gasify coal, which significantly reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere from coal

The scheme of the plant:

Having today the technology and working a pilot plant, we can quickly and inexpensively solve the problem of disposal of solid waste using thermal power plants.
This technology does not require any sorting that would allow municipalities to reduce costs for separate collection.
To put the size of area businesses need 3-4 hectares.
Capacity of recycling MSW up to 440 tons per day
Producing electricity – 16 MWT/h

Quantity of products:

Electricity per day    – 379.2 Megawatt

Aluminum per day           – 4.4 tons
Ferrous per day                - 26.3 tons
Thermal energy per day – 480 Megawatt

Equipment production time and adjustment works time – 18-20 months

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